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Parlee Bikes

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Moment Bicycles is Your Parlee Dealer in San Diego

Bob Parlee founded Parlee Cycles in 2000 and aimed to build the best performance road bikes in the world by perfecting carbon fiber designs. By focusing on performance over unnecessary style features, Parlee is able to build incredibly light frames that are stiff in places where power transfer and stability matter while being compliant enough for comfortable all-day rides. "Targeted Performance Meets Tailor-Made Fit" is their motto - come in for a test ride and see for yourself how well these bikes perform.

Parlee Road Bikes

$6,799.00 - $8,599.00
$7,599.00 - $9,599.00
$3,999.00 - $4,999.00
$7,399.00 - $11,499.00
$8,599.00 - $10,699.00
$13,199.00 - $16,199.00

Parlee Gravel Bikes

$4,299.00 - $6,199.00
$13,299.00 - $15,199.00

Parlee Triathlon/TT Bikes