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Triathlon Bikes

Purchase any Triathalon Bike and get up to 80% off our Custom Bike Fitting service.

No one offers a better system for finding the most optimal bike for your unique biomechanical makeup. At Moment Bikes, we fit the bike to you and not the other way around.

The triathlon bike is a purpose built machine. Every square inch is optimized to cheat the wind. As San Diego's biggest Tri shop, we've got a great selection of triathlon bikes that will help you chase that PR. Moment Bicycles has the best tri bike fit anywhere. Moment Bicycles' proprietary fit first process will help you select the ideal tri bike for your unique geometry and riding position!

Cervelo P Ultegra
SIMPLY FASTER The P-Series is for the athlete seeking speed, storage, value, and comfort. It's our no-nonsense machine engineered to get you from A to B as fast as possible. It's a no-excuses machine and your perfect PR sidekick. It's lighter and more aero than its predecessor, the P3, making it faster on all courses. Naturally, aerodynamics and weight are only part of the equation-the P-series comes with a 500mL aero bottle, 400mL of top tube storage, and an integrated rear hydration mount. Customize the cockpit and the storage to your needs and your race. Collapsing the assumption that narrow is aero, the new P-Series leverages all that we learned during the legendary P5 development to deliver a platform that is not only stiffer and lighter than its predecessor but also boasts lower drag. It climbs better, corners naturally, and is faster in every application.
Felt Bicycles IA Advanced 105
$4,256.01 $4,299.00 1% Off
Our very first bike was made for one of the greatest triathletes in history—Paula Newby-Fraser—who rode her stealth black Felt B2 to multiple world championship victories. Since then, we've never stopped pursuing the ideal triathlon racing machine. The IA is the culmination of 30 years of iterative design and painstaking development, and its results at the highest level of competition speak for themselves. So we can tell you that the IA is the most aerodynamic bike in the world. We can also say that it's the best-handling triathlon bike on the planet. But what we should really mention is that the IA won the Kona World Championship a staggering six times in a row, and it holds both bike and overall course records across the lava fields of Hawaii. So, really, what else do you need to know? IA Advanced 105 The most aerodynamically efficient carbon frame with Shimano's no-nonsense 105 group. - Shimano 105 mechanical groupset - Hydraulic disc brakes - Devox WheelRDS.A1 with Shimano hubs
Felt Bicycles B Performance Ultegra
$2,654.10 $2,949.00 10% Off
The B is one of the most legendary badges in triathlon history and has long reigned as a symbol of the blood, sweat, and tears shed by the most devoted triathletes, as well as the dedication put into every single one of our bikes. Featuring an updated frame design gleaned from decades of designing the most aerodynamic bikes on earth, along with a lightweight carbon fiber construction, the latest iteration of the B is ready for action. Whether you're just starting on your journey into the world of triathlon or you're a multi-sport veteran, say hello to the B. B Performance Ultegra With a carbon frame designed with aero efficiency in mind, the B features a finely curated selection of components that offers performance, convenience, and value. - Shimano mechanical drivetrain - Rim brakes - Tubeless-compatible aluminum wheels
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