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Cycling Organizations

VeloNutz is a cycling and triathlon club based in San Diego Ca.  They have weekly rides starting from Moment Bicycles in Carmel Valley.  The Saturday ride starts at 7:00 am!  Be there with bells on.  If you can ride 14MPH or faster, you are welcome.  VeloNutz will split into groups depending on ability!  Check out their facebook page for the route of the week!

San Diego Bicycle Club (SDBC)

The San Diego Bicycle Club is the oldest oldest bicycle club in San Diego. SDBC Supports men and women of all age groups, including some highly competitive juniors. The club provides its members training programs from seasoned cyclists with racing and coaching experience. SDBC also organizes some of the best races in the west.

Swamis - The Gurus of Cycling

We are, by no means, an elite team. It took the president 3 years to make the front group on the Saturday ride and his visits are still infrequent. We have had riders crash off the front and off the back. Some of our riders are flying in January and no where to be seen in May. And even some of our riders will always fit a size XL jersey. We have always felt that this team should be open for anyone who loves the sport of cycling. Our goal is to support riders who want to develop their skills. Everyone is welcome.

1998 makes this our 9th year. We have been fortunate and are hoping that the positive attitude of the team and the hard work ethic will continue to sustain our good luck.


The San Diego Cyclo-Vets is incorporated to preserve, develop, and administer the sport of amateur bicycle racing at the masters-age, under the permit of the United States Cycling Federation.
Located in San Diego, California, for >20 years, the Cyclo-Vets have over 300 members across the United States. Cyclo-Vet members encompass a wide spectrum of life experiences, educational levels and financial income.  We boast among our members some of the United State's and Canada's finest - doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators, law enforcement, and military officers, just to name a few.  Many active retired men and women also belong to Cyclo-Vets.


Celo Pacific Bicycle Racing Team

A USCF bicycle racing club in North San Diego County, California.

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East County Christian Cycling Club

A bicycle club based in the foothills of East County, covering Alpine, Descanso, Mt. Laguna, Cuyamaca and surrounding areas.

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Easy Rider Recumbent Club

Cycling in San Diego since before 1997, now has over 200 riders.


Knickerbikers of San Diego County

A bicycle touring club without formal organization, but with a website.

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Major Taylor Cycling Club San Diego

A bicycle club established by a group of bike enthusiasts interested in increasing the participation in organized cycling amongst minorities in our area and building camaraderie among all bicyclists.

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Mira Mesa Cycling Club

A group of road cycling enthusiasts based in San Diego, California. For riders of all ages and abilities.

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North County Cycle Club

A bicycle club with three sections to suit just about everyone, from recreational cyclists to mountain bikers to performance enthusiasts.

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Outspokin' For Jesus

A Christian cycling club, a ministry of New Hope Community Church.

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Rainbow Cyclists

A bicycle club for the lesbian and gay community of San Diego County. All ability levels, road and off-road.

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Ramona Fun Riders

Friday back country road cycling club - 40 to 60 miles.

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Ranchos Cycling Club

The premier inland North County racing and recreational bicycling club. Road, track, mountain bike and triathlon races and rides.

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Ride to Remember

A charitable organization that achieves its primary purpose by recruiting and training amateur and aspiring cyclists to train for and participate in a number of 100 mile, or Century rides and races.

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San Diego Bicycle Touring Society

A progressive cycling club for people who devote themselves to bicycling as a way of life; helps others discover their potential by being physically fit and enjoying long distance and exciting rides to various locations.

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San Diego Century Riders

Life may be short, but bicycle rides don't have to be.

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San Diego Recyclers

Experienced cyclists that ride every Sunday morning.

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San Diego Tandem Club

Rides and other events for tandem bicyclists.

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San Diego Wheelmen Bicycle Club

Recreational rides most weekends, both on-road and off-road. Membership is not required to ride; Ansi/Snell approved helmet is required.

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Sierra Club Bicycle Section

The bicycle section of the Sierra Club.

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South Bay Cycling Group

A cycling group in South Bay San Diego. The main goal is to have fun and lose weight.

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Team LUNA Chix - San Diego

A 6-woman team sponsored by LUNA Bar come together to inspire women (Men are welcome, too) to get outside and ride while making a difference in their community by raising awareness and money for the Breast Cancer Fund. Moment Bicycles is a proud supporter.

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Team Ortho Cycling Club

A group of bike enthusiasts of varying ages and abilities who participate in organized cycling, mountain bike and Triathlon events.

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