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Pinarello Bikes

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Moment Bicycles is Your Pinarello Dealer in San Diego

The Pinarello brand was founded in 1952 by amateur cyclist Giovanni Pinarello. At age 15, he made bikes by hand at a small workshop in Treviso, Italy. This is where he mastered the skills that would launch the Pinarello brand and change the biking industry as we know it.

Through incremental changes in aerodynamics, technology, and materials, Pinarello bikes continue to dominate. Each model has thoughtful details throughout and purposeful design to match the terrain. They're constantly being tested, refined and updated for better performance. This is why they're a clear favorite among bike enthusiasts. Explore Pinarello bikes online, come in for a test ride, and make sure you’re getting the unfair advantage and an exceptional riding experience every time.

Pinarello Road Bikes

Pinarello road bikes continue to push the limits in technology, aerodynamics, and power. The Pinarello Dogmas have been the number #1 winning Tour de France bike this decade, but that's no surprise. Their power, comfort, and agility give athletes an advantage. Your body can push harder for longer with the perfected frame and small tweaks that make Pinarello road bikes win gold.

Pinarello Triathlon Bikes

Pinarello Triathlon bikes take the aerodynamic and speed elements from the Bolide time trial bikes to meet the needs of triathletes. They have updated the ergonomics for a more comfortable ride, lowered the center of gravity for improved stability, and refined the cable integration for a sleek look and low drag. The Pinarello Triathlon bike is equipped to get you to the next stage for the most grueling triathlons.

Pinarello Gravel / Endurance Road Bikes

Dominate the variety of terrain and obstacles of San Diego with a Pinarello gravel bike. From steep hills to strong headwinds, you'll explore Mission Trails Regional Park and everything San Diego has to offer with ease. The extra fork clearance allows for bigger tires for a more comfortable ride, while the wide set handlebars give you better control. Glide through gravel, dirt, and mud like a pro on a Pinarello gravel bike.

Pinarello Track Bikes

Pinarello's track bikes are racing champions. They are all around great performers on velodrome, road, or even for city riding. Pinarello track bikes are rigid and responsive for maximum acceleration and little lateral flex. Test ride a Pinarello track bike today.