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Bicycle Service & Repair

If your bicycle doesn’t work flawlessly, the ride just isn’t the same. Our career technicians have the extensive training and experience to optimize your machine. From simple derailleur adjustments to custom wheels to frame-up custom builds, our technicians are the best in the business. Period.

Below you'll find pricing for our most common services. If what you need isn't on the list, we're still happy to help, just give the Service Department a call at (619) 523-2453 x120 or contact us here for more information. Estimates are always free!

Some of our most common services:

Repair Package or Service


What's Included

Install Tire and/or Tube

$15.00 Front or rear; does not include the cost of the new tire and/or tube.

Install Tubular Tire

$80.00 Front or rear; applies whether the rim is new, or adding glue to existing glued rim.

Adjust Front Derailleur

$20.00 Includes setting proper height and rotation of derailleur; lubrication of derailleur pivots; removing, inspecting, replacing if necessary, and lubing cables; sizing and trimming housings;  securing, lubricating, and positioning shift levers; alignment of chainrings not requiring removal of the chainrings or crankarm; adjustment of limit screws; setting cable tension for proper index function.

Adjust Rear Derailleur

$35.00 Includes aligning derailleur hanger; lubrication of derailleur pivots and pulley wheels; removing, inspecting, replacing if necessary, and lubing cables;  sizing and trimming housings;  securing, lubricating, and positioning shift levers; checking chain length; adjusting limit screws and derailleur positioning screws; setting cable tension for proper index function.

Install Handlebar Tape

$25.00 Includes removal of old covering, covers both sides.

Install and Program Computer

$20.00 - $55.00 Varies for wired vs. wireless and one vs. two sensors.

Minor Wheel True

$25.00 - $30.00 Includes adjusting lateral true, radial true, centering, and tension average. Not applicable if spokes need replacement,  nipples are damaged or corroded, rim is damaged, or the degree of true errors are in the worse half of the normal range.

Major Wheel True

$40.00 - $50.00 Includes adjusting lateral true, radial true, centering, tension average and tension balancing. Applicable when a spoke or two needs replacement, nipples are corroded or damaged, and/or when the degree of true error(s) is in the worse half of normal range. If rim is damaged (and possibly repairable), or numerous spokes need replacement due to damage, additional charges may apply.

Un-pack and Assemble Used Bike

$75.00 - $175.00 Cost varies depending upon the extent of disassembling done to get the bike in the box, and the condition of the bike before it was disassembled. The customer is responsible for any pre-existing conditions.

Pack Bicycle for Shipping

$125.00 - $175.00 Based on extensive use of protective materials on frame tubes, blocking of the fork blades, cable disconnection as needed, and fully securing all loose parts in the box. Does not include the cost of shipping the bicycle.

12-Point Safety Check

$40.00 Torque stem, crank, seatpost, brake, derailleur, and cable bolts; check hubs for play; check the chain for wear; check brake pads for wear; adjust air pressure; check tire wear; basic rear derailleur indexing; basic frame wipe; and install new bar plugs, if necessary. Lube chain.

Good Tune-Up



12-Point Safety Check, plus:

Drivetrain adjustments including limit screw adjustment, brake centering, minor wheel true, wipe frame & wheels, and lube pivots.

Better Tune-Up



Good Tune-Up, plus:

Bottom bracket removal/adjust/install, detailed frame clean, cable-housing replacement, bar tape install, minor drivetrain clean, brake setup & adjustment (including toe pad height, etc), hub adjustments both wheels, and clean & re-lube freehub/pawls.

Best Tune-Up



Better Tune-Up, plus:

Derailleur rebuild; headset removal, install, & repack; hub rebuild/repack; lube spoke nipples; install/repack new bearings in wheels, hubs, headset, & BB; remove, lube, & loctite all frame and component fasteners.