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The Fit-First Philosophy - Only at Moment!

Moment lives by “Fit First” [Fit the person, then find the bike that matches the person BEST]. A new technology called the “dynamic fit bike” made this possible. In 2007 Moment improved the process creating a proprietary method to compare rider positions to all bikes using computer technology. Moment “virtually” matches bikes to the rider’s best position. Moment shows a rider before they buy what configuration of bars, stem, saddle etc. for a particular bike model. The rider has complete information before making the purchase. Hence, the name of the process, FIT FIRST. Moment Bicycles is San Diego’s only Fit First retailer. Moment Bicycles is built around the philosophy of the best product and service for YOU. Our process takes a little longer but will make you (a lot) faster/comfortable/powerful. Schedule an appointment. Be more comfortable, powerful, efficient and faster than ever.

100% PLUS Guarantee

We guarantee our bike fits for life. The bottom line? If you are not 100% happy with your Moment Bike fit we will refund your money PLUS give you a $50 gift card redeemable at any of our store locations.

Our Fit Service Covers Every Inch Of Your Bike

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Saddle Best Better Good
Fore/aft positioning relative to cranks
Shape and/or Style Unlimited Trials Five Trials Two Trials
Bar Best Better Good
Width Unlimited Trials Two Trials Stock
Shape Of Top Any Bar Round/flat Stock
Shape Of Hooks Any Bar
Fore/aft positioning relative to cranks
Vertical positioning relative to cranks
Hood placement optimized
Hood shape optimized
Crank Length Best Better Good
Stock length based on height of rider
Optimized based upon pedaling efficiency and hip flexion
Foot- Pedal Interface Best Better Good
Installation of cleats to neutral position
Stance width
Fore/aft metatarsal relationship
Rotation of cleat
Amount of float
Varus/valgus forefoot
Varus/valgus rearfoot
Shoe size and width
Arch measurement and evaluation
Insole recommendation
Custom molded insole ($135 value)
Additional Analysis Best Better Good
Power test (to determine appropriate gear ratios)
SpinScan analysis
Video analysis
Retül analysis $150 $150
Computrainer course ride Up to 20 mins

Post-Fit Best Better Good
Existing vs. new position analysis
Setup existing bike to new fit (concurrent with appointment) Two bikes One Bike
Fit coordinates water bottle
Bike fit marker stickers
Photo file
Video file
Bike fit coordinate report Drawing Drawing Drawing
Cleat/pedal interface report N/A
BikeMatch consultation (Moment bike brands only)
BikeMatch consultation (non-Moment bike brands) $75/hour $75/hour
  • handlebar fit
  • pedal fit
  • saddle fit
  • crank fit
  • post fit
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Be More Comfortable, Powerful, Efficient and Faster than Ever

Bike Fit Options

$150 / $40 with bike purchase For a rider with a limited budget. Get on the right size and model bike, setup correctly the first time. Optimize your saddle height and position and your bar position. Ensure your cleats are installed properly and you can use them without fear. Introduction to correct posture on the bicycle and what to expect.
Triathlon bikes not included
Ideal for: Casual riders, hybrids, fitness, and city bikes
Fit follow-ups included
100% guaranteed
Time: 1 hour
$325 / $75 with bike purchase The fit that started it all. Comprehensive optimization and adjustment of all five contact points (seven for tri), saddle, feet/pedals and bars/hoods.
Optimization of cleat-pedal interface, crank length, saddle optimization
Spin scan analysis for pedaling balance and technique
Triathlon bikes included
Existing bikes included
Ideal for: Most cyclists -- group riders, athletic/fitness-focused cyclists, occasional racers -- Mountain, road, triathlon, gravel, cross, and track bikes
Fit follow-ups included
100% guaranteed
Time: 2 hours
$465 / $150 with bike purchase The best fit money can buy. Optimize everything. Ideal for custom builds or those who won’t settle for anything but the best.
Custom molded insoles ($135 value)
Cleat float optimization
Unlimited saddle trials
Bar shape and hood optimization
Power test for gear ratio selection
Ideal for: The serious racer, age grouper or overall finisher looking to advance categories, get on the podium, and optimize performance.
Unlimited fit follow-ups included
100% guaranteed
Time: 3 hours

À la Carte Fit Services

All prices listed are labor only, parts extra. Please call us at (619) 523-2453 to schedule any of these services.

Bike Fit & Design

Dynamic Bike Fit DemoFREE
Setup Bike to Fit Coordinates (nonconcurrent with fit)$75/hr
BikeMatch Consultation (nonconcurrent with fit)$150 then $75/hr
Custom Frame Design (non-Moment brand)$450
Custom Bike Design (non-Moment brand)$650
Custom Paint Design (non-Moment brand)$75/hr
Wind Tunnel TestingPrice upon request


Saddle Swap (swap hydration system extra)$15
Saddle Fit Test, with purchase$25
Saddle Fit Test, test only$65

Cleats and Shoes

Cleat Installation: Match fit positioning (nonconcurrent with fit)$25
Cleat Installation: Neutral position$15
Cleat Removal$75/hr
Custom Shoe Molding$55
Cleat and Pedal Adjustment (nonconcurrent with fit)
*Not guaranteed unless completed as part of a bike fit.