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Parlee Cycles Z-Zero

Parlee Cycles Z-Zero
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In an industry where three years is considered the normal lifespan of a bicycle design, the Parlee Z-Zero stands alone. A design so advanced that it still continues to be a benchmark, not just for customizable carbon bikes, but also a true reference point for all road bikes with performance aspirations.

Since its introduction, Parlee has relentlessly refined and perfected the Z-Zero to keep it compatible with the latest components and performance needs. Simplicity, refinement, and timeless style live on in the Z-Zero.

Technical developments in Parlee's stock bikes over the past two decades have allowed them to increase performance and reduce weight but not compromises comfort or durability. Most of these innovations now found in the Altum and RZ7 range were thought too difficult or expensive to feature in a customizable design but the Z-Zero eliminates any semblance of compromise.

The Z-Zero is made to order, with the optimum performance characteristics and technical requirements perfectly met for each individual rider.

Available in 16 effective semi-custom sizes and full custom geometry, the Z-Zero simply fits a wider range of athletes than any other carbon road design.

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