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$4,599.00 - $7,149.00 $7,149.00 Up to 36% Off
Looking for a bike that ratchets up the fun factor but doesn't bite back when there's work to be done? Our playful JET 9 RDO is the ticket. With Niner's [R]evolution geometry and 120mm of suspension travel, you'll float up technical climbs, blast downhills, and fly smoothly over everything else.
$5,150.00 - $7,999.00 $7,999.00 Up to 36% Off
Our do-it-all carbon fiber 29er trail bike hits the sweet spot with 140mm of consistent, controlled CVA suspension, adjustable geometry, and increased frame stiffness. Plus it's got standover for 170mm dropper posts, long reach, and a short head tube.
$5,500.00 - $7,500.00 $5,500.00 - $7,800.00 Up to 4% Off
R5 has one job-get to the top, fast. But for all the glory and fanfare that comes with a summit finish, they're rarely the only climb of the day. And while a race isn't usually won on a descent, they can certainly be lost. A climbing bike that can't carve a hairpin is a bit like a cup of decaf coffee. This is the fourth iteration of the R5, and while weight and stiffness have varied over the years, the handling, poise, and unmatched prowess on a descent have been consistent since day one. FASTER IN EVERY DIRECTION - The new R5 frame is 130g lighter than the previous model—a 16% reduction from an already-light frame. And while aerodynamics weren’t a focus with this frame the way they would be on an S5 or P5, bringing the cables inside reduced drag by 25g. LESS STIFF, STILL FAST - The R5 is stiff, but not too stiff—the Goldilocks of climbing bikes if you will. Poise, stability, and power transfer that feels “just right” and keeps you fresh and ready to take on the road ahead.
$5,595.00 - $8,799.00 $8,799.00 Up to 36% Off
If the Undertaker rode a mountain bike, he'd undoubtedly ride the Process X CR DL. Aimed at nothing but ripping riders on the most technical of terrain, the Process X DL is a monster on the trails. A full carbon frame features high-end components that leave nothing to be desired. 170mm of plush travel ensures that even the biggest hits are well tamed. Clean lines, fewer cables, and more badass than ever before, the Process X CR DL is as stealthy as it is aggressive. Wheel size: - Size Small: 29-inch (front) / 27.5-inch (rear) - Sizes Medium – X-Large: 29-inch KONA CARBON Designed to be lightweight and built to demanding standards. Carbon fiber has long been praised for its weight and strength, but rather than chase grams, we place our efforts on the performance that is possible when the right high-modulus fibers are in the right places. Our designers work very closely with our manufacturer to ensure there is no compromise to the desired ride characteristics, durability and – finally – weight stipulations that we expect from our bikes. INTERNAL HEADSET Bearing cups are actually pressed into the frame and are easily removable. An internal headset also reduces stack height, so the height of the stem and bars are more adjustable, giving the rider the best fit possible. TAPERED HEAD TUBE More girth at the bottom of the head tube better distributes shock force, prolonging the bearing life of the headset itself and eliminating brake shudder, while providing confident steering performance. The inherent strength of its triangular design also means a stronger steering position and improved balance, giving the rider more control in rough terrain. A zero-stack, tapered head tube also puts strength where the load is going—into the lower headset cup—maximizing bearing durability where it's needed. TUBELESS COMPATIBLE RIMS Tubeless rims allow for tires with more puncture resistance; the ability to run lower tire pressure, which provides better tire grip on the trail; lower rolling resistance; and weight savings over traditional tube and tire systems. 12x148mm AXLE 12x142mm, 12x148 and 12x157 rear axle standards provide two major advantages to the Kona rider: the 12mm diameter of the rear axle provides the rear hub and frame with a stiff interface, while the 142/148/157mm outer diameter of the hub allows the wheel to be quickly and properly positioned in the frame before the rear axle is inserted. For 2017, you'll see the 12x148 Boost standard in the mix. Boost spacing provides more tire clearance at the chainstay yoke, while the rear wheel is stiffer and more durable relative to a 12x142 thru-axle. BEAMER INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION Built to be off-the-top progressive, Beamer Independent Suspension helps the bike to stay higher in the travel and recover from hits more quickly. The Operators are instilled with what our product managers like to call "pure shock movement," whereby the shock is protected from side load. Designed to be highly tuneable and extremely durable, the Beamer IS is our version of greased lightning.
$5,950.00 - $8,849.00 $8,849.00 Up to 33% Off
Looking for a bike that ratchets up the fun factor but doesn't bite back when there's work to be done? Our playful JET 9 RDO is the ticket. With Niner's [R]evolution geometry and 120mm of suspension travel, you'll float up technical climbs, blast downhills, and fly smoothly over everything else.
$6,195.00 - $9,449.00 $9,449.00 Up to 34% Off
With 170mm of stable CVA rear suspension, a 180mm travel fork, adjustable geometry, stout frame construction, and Niner's signature RDO carbon fiber construction, the WFO 9 RDO is an enduro-ready brawler for the gnarliest downhills, yet with the pedaling prowess to get you to the top in style.
$6,799.00 - $7,849.00
The no holds barred Druid XT was specced from the ground up with performance and rock-solid reliability in mind, two elements you’ll want when you hit the terrain this tearaway was designed for. Our ‘One Ride’ geometry philosophy ensures consistent sizing across the spectrum, giving riders of all shapes and sizes a shared ride experience aboard the Druid. The 65.6-degree head tube angle, an ‘actual’ seat tube angle and stack height that increases per size back this up and the front and rear centres, which similarly grow per size, dish out one of the most balanced rides going. With 150mm travel up front and 130mm in the rear, combined with a suspension system that eliminates unwanted and detrimental drivetrain forces, the Druid XT will be begging you to go places few trail bikes dare.
$6,799.00 - $8,599.00
One bike, endless possibilities. LE models are Parlee's premium production bicycles. All LE models include upgraded, carbon components and factory configurable personalization, including our renowned Parlee Paint Lab custom paint. The Chebacco XD LE takes the universally loved ride quality of the original go-anywhere “quiver-killer” and adds additional traction and comfort (through increased tire capacity) and vastly increased on-bike storage to make an even more capable bicycle. The LE variant also includes premium carbon parts and the option for custom kit configurations and paint. The Chebacco XD LE shares the same DNA as Parlee road bikes such as the Z series, Altum and RZ7 models. The frame is handcrafted from the same carbon fiber materials, but with purpose-built geometry and design features including wider chainstays and seatstays. The bottom bracket is a bit lower and the head tube angle a bit slacker for more stability off-road yet the responsiveness that define a Parlee remains. The Chebacco XD LE has a smooth, stable ride at speed, especially when you are floating over gravel, dirt or broken road surfaces. Choose from the following options or contact us for a custom build. Force Eagle eTap AXS 1X Force eTap AXS groupset,1x Eagle gearing ENVE AG25 carbon wheels Parlee carbon handlebar, stem and post Force 1x carbon crank Force eTap AXS 2X Force eTap AXS groupset, 2x gearing ENVE AG25 carbon wheels Parlee carbon handlebar, stem and post Force 2x carbon crank GRX 815 Di2 GRX 815 Di2 groupset, gravel 2x gearing ENVE AG25 carbon wheels Parlee carbon handlebar, stem and post Praxis Zayante 2x carbon crank
$7,299.00 - $8,199.00
The Ziggy Link-equipped Dreadnought GX, our ready-to-rock mixed wheel size brawler, takes the corner slaying credentials of the Druid GX and applies them to a platform that’s ready for anything. Featuring our signature ‘One Ride’ proportional geometry not only ensures a consistent ride experience, regardless of size or stature but also amplifies what the Dreadnought GX can do on the trail. Separated by more than just a 27.5in rear wheel, the Dreadnought GX goes further, knocking 0.4 degrees off the head angle and dropping the bottom bracket by 6mm compared to its full 29er siblings. If the intentions of the Dreadnought GX were in any doubt, the Fox 38 Grip2-equipped fork, X2 Float shock, SRAM Code RSC brakes, GX 12-speed drivetrain and the Maxxis Assegai/DHR tire combo, should establish that it’s here to party.
$7,399.00 - $8,299.00
Ready to obliterate all that comes before it, the Dreadnought XT is dripping in a wish list of fit-and-forget parts. The 170mm travel Fox 38 Grip2 forks are coupled to a custom-tuned Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate shock, dishing out 154mm of superbly damped rear-wheel travel. The Trifecta high pivot suspension system boasts a square edge hit destroying 100% rearward wheel path that simultaneously eliminates unwanted and detrimental drivetrain forces. Often imitated but never equalled, our proven One Ride geometry not only delivers a consistent ride experience across the size spectrum but an unrivalled level of balance and composure that truly separates the Dreadnought from the competition. A bike that defies industry categorization, is equally at home in the Alpine, the bike park or between the tape, the Dreadnought XT will blur lines, exceed expectations and come back for more.
$7,399.00 - $11,499.00
The next generation of performance road bicycle is here. The all-new Parlee RZ7. Created by cycling’s carbon-fiber pioneers, the RZ7’s aerodynamic shape cheats the wind and rewards every pedal stroke with forward motion. But, speed is nothing without ride quality. The ultimate blend of stiffness, efficiency, weight and performance also features ride quality unrivaled by any other aero machine. That means more PRs with less fatigue. Nothing feels better than going faster. And, faster feels better on a Parlee.
$7,400.00 - $8,300.00
Super-versatile and super-light. The U.P.P.E.R. frames are lighter, nimbler and more fun than ever. WHAT IS THE U.P.(P.E.R.)? - With road tires, it is a very fast road bike - With big road/cross/gravel tires (32-40mm), it’s a go-anywhere bike perfect for mixed surface rides and most gravel routes - With 650b mountain bike tires, it's unstoppable on very tough terrain yet much faster on pavement than you'd expect thanks to the road position So the position lets you get out of town and reach the gravel/dirt/trails quickly (unlike a mountain bike). Space for big tires lets you tackle any route (unlike a road bike). And you can do that with one type of tire for everything or fine tune your ride with multiple wheelsets or tires. There are many ways to spec your dream bike. Wheel size, tire size, mechanical or electronic drivetrain, 1x or 2x, the list is endless. Prices based on the below build specs. Custom options are available - prices will vary. Campagnolo: Ekar. It comes with a 13-speed 9-42T cassette, 38T chainring to match the 9T starting cog, 170/172.5/175mm crank length options, Ergopower brake levers and 160mm flatmount brakes.
$7,599.00 - $9,599.00
The do-everything well road machine, in premium, customizable configurations. LE models are Parlee's premium production bicycles. All LE models include upgraded, carbon components and factory configurable personalization, including our renowned Parlee Paint Lab custom paint. The Altum Disc LE is Parlee's vision for a great, all-around road machine that remains true to their DNA. In fact, the Altum Disc LE is a direct descendent of their benchmark, custom Z series bicycles. Ask any Parlee owner; that means one thing—ride quality comes first. Yes, the Altum Disc LE is sleeker, lighter, climbs better and features all the technology one expects from a modern road bike. But the heart and soul of this bike is centered on how it rides. How it leaps into action when you stand up and sprint. How it carves through corners with unrivaled confidence and disappears beneath you on long, grueling rides. Choose from the following options or contact us for a custom build. Sram Force eTap AXS Force eTap AXS groupset, compact 2x gearing ENVE Foundation 45 carbon wheels Force carbon crank Parlee carbon bottle cages Sram Red eTap AXS Force eTap AXS groupset, compact 2x gearing ENVE Foundation 45 carbon wheels Parlee carbon handlebar, stem and post Red carbon crank Parlee carbon bottle cages Shimano Ultegra Di2 Ultegra Di2 groupset, compact 2x gearing ENVE Foundation 45 carbon wheels Parlee carbon handlebar, stem and post Parlee carbon bottle cages Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Dura-Ace Di2 groupset, compact 2x gearing ENVE Foundation 45 carbon wheels Parlee integrated carbon handlebar, stem and post Parlee carbon bottle cages
The Nytro ROAD is destined to mark a new way. It is one of the lightest E-Road bikes on the market, with an unmistakably iconic Pinarello design. Prepare to face what you previously thought impossible: The Nytro E-line opens up a world of possibilities to experience cycling! This range is designed for all cyclists looking to enjoy the emotions of cycling. It’s created with adventure in mind, allowing riders to tackle long rides and the steep climbs of Alpine passes with more agility and confidence than a traditional road bike. ROAD-specific geometry with the reactivity that characterizes our racing products merged with a more comfortable riding position. - CARBON T700UD The secret of T700 Toray Carbon is to maintain reactivity and performance but to offer a higher dampening to absorb all road vibration. More comfort, more fun. - ONDA FORK A distinctive Pinarello Technology since 2000. The shape of the fork delivers precise turning abilities, stability, and reduction of longitudinal and lateral shocks. - ASYMMETRIC FRAME Since the beginning, Pinarello understood that while the thrust applied to both pedals is the same, the pull on the chain applies to the right side only. For this reason, all frames are optimized to compensate for these unbalanced forces. - TQ-HPR50 DRIVE UNIT The Harmonic Pin Ring Transmission (HPR) is a result of TQ’s decades-long experience in the development and engineering of electric motors for robots, satellites, space stations, and Mars rovers.
Full of capability and overflowing with versatility, the MOG delivers a world of possibilities ranging from adventure to race, and everything between. With abundant tire clearance, storage solutions, and performance geometry, the MOG has it all, and more. Frame weight: 950 grams (56cm, painted, no hardware)
$8,100.00 - $9,000.00 $9,000.00 Up to 10% Off
The S5 has one job - get to the line before everyone else. Under the likes of Wout van Aert, Marianne Vos, and Christophe LaPorte, the new model has already proven itself as a tool without equality. In the 2022 Tour de France, this bike propelled Wout to the highest ever Points Classification score of the modern era. At 480, Wout was some 194 points ahead of his nearest rival-tangible proof that Cervelo keeps delivering aerodynamic gains to our World Tour athletes. The new S5 has reduced drag by 65 grams and increased the frame's surface area while still reducing overall weight. The deeper frame sections maximize the shapes allowed by the UCI. Meanwhile, the iconic V-stem has been further refined, and a new fork designed to simplify the entire front end. What's more, a ground-breaking new wheel design concept has been co-developed with Reserve to increase stability and reduce drag in turbulent aero conditions. - V Is For Velocity In pursuit of speed, everyone wants to try different positions to find their most aggressive fit. The S5's iconic V-stem not only inspires confident handling at high speeds, but it's now also remarkably simple to dial in your perfect set-up. All the necessary spacers come with the bike, and there’s now only one bolt length, reducing complexity and making the system 53g lighter in the process. - Frame Enhancements The UCI’s new regulations on aerodynamic design allowed us some additional room to deepen our aero profiles and squeeze 65 more grams of drag performance out of what is already the fastest aero bike on the market. You’ll notice a deeper head tube and BB area, and more aggressive shaping on the trailing edges of the tubes. Since the new S5 is only compatible with electronic shifting, we were able to tidy the dropout a bit and update the shaping all over the bike. - Tire Clearance Wider wheels and tires are faster aerodynamically, and more comfortable to boot. S5 comes specced with 28mm tires but has clearance for up to a 34mm (measured) tire. The frame is optimized to complement the wider Reserve 52/63 turbulent aero wheels. In addition to the handling benefits, this saves over 5 watts compared to the previous Reserve wheelset. - Handlebar Refinement We’ve improved the comfort of the handlebar and tweaked the shape to get a perfectly flat bar-to-hood transition. We now use a two-bolt interface that allows for infinite tilt adjustments between 0 and 5 degrees. - Keeping It Simple Bike fitters at every level are moving away from longer-offset seat posts, and the new S5 comes stock with a 15mm offset post on most sizes (vs 25mm offset on outgoing S5). The old seat posts are forward-compatible, and we’ll keep the 400 mm-long, 25mm offset post in stock for those looking for a more extreme fit. - SRAM Integrated Power Red and Force builds include Quarq Zero power meters integrated into the crank. The integration of a power meter results in better stiffness, lighter weight, and improved accuracy over aftermarket solutions—and the DZero delivers power measurement accurate to +/- 1.5%, even in variable temperatures. - Sorry Campy Fans The 2022 S5 Disc frameset is designed to accommodate electronic shifting groupsets that use connectors up to 6mm in diameter, therefore Campagnolo EPS is not compatible with this frameset. Mechanical shifting groupsets are also not compatible with this frameset.
$8,599.00 - $10,699.00
THE ALL-NEW TTIR TURNS BRAKING INTO A POSITIVE FORCE. The World’s fastest triathlon disc bike is ready to help you crush your next race. Here’s why: traditional rim brakes force you to brake early and lose speed in corners and descents, which hampers your performance. In a sport where speed is time and time is everything, disc brakes make the most sense. Now you can accelerate with confidence without performance losses common to rim brakes. It’s time to become a DISCiple.
THE BENCHMARK: Z-ZERO In an industry where three years is considered the normal lifespan of a bicycle design, the Parlee Z-Zero stands alone. A design so advanced that it still continues to be a benchmark, not just for customizable carbon bikes, but also a true reference point for all road bikes with performance aspirations. Since its introduction, Parlee has relentlessly refined and perfected the Z-Zero to keep it compatible with the latest components and performance needs. Simplicity, refinement, and timeless style live on in the Z-Zero. Technical developments in Parlee's stock bikes over the past two decades have allowed them to increase performance and reduce weight but not compromises comfort or durability. Most of these innovations now found in the Altum and RZ7 range were thought too difficult or expensive to feature in a customizable design but the Z-Zero eliminates any semblance of compromise. The Z-Zero is made to order, with the optimum performance characteristics and technical requirements perfectly met for each individual rider. Available in 16 effective semi-custom sizes and full custom geometry, the Z-Zero simply fits a wider range of athletes than any other carbon road design. Contact us to create your perfect bike.
OUR LATEST BIKE IS BUILT TO WIN, NO DISCUSSION. Pinarello is proud to announce the launch of the Pinarello F, a totally new bike, created to offer extremely high performance in a package that’s accessible to a wide range of cyclists. We focused on the concept of ALL-ROUND PERFORMANCE, because all true riders know that what goes up, must come down. For this reason, the Pinarello F is designed to excel on all terrain and is as adept at climbing as it is on a high-speed descent. The F builds on Pinarello’s rich history of extraordinary victories, iconic bicycles, passion, and expertise. With its own unique carbon fibre and geometry designed with competition in mind, it promises to be the perfect bicycle for whatever challenges lay ahead. * groupset on the picture might differ from bike specification
THE BEST BIKE FOR THE LONGEST RIDES. Pinarello is proud to unveil the latest frames which will form part of our endurance line-up: the Pinarello X SERIES. Rather than focusing solely on performance, these new bikes have been specifically designed to maximize rider comfort and vibration absorption, thanks to the innovative use of carbon fiber layup and a redesigned rear triangle. CARBON T900 3K The right balance between reactivity, dampening capabilities, and lightness for competition. ENDURANCE+ GEOMETRY Higher stack and a more compact reach, promoting a relaxed riding position that allows bike fitters to accurately fit all kinds of cyclists. X STAYS A new Pinarello technology capable of absorbing vibrations maintaining a lightweight frame and a very reactive BB stiffness. TYRE CLEARANCE UP TO 35MM 35mm tires to unlock the frames' true potential in terms of both comfort and speed.
The Melee is a modern road racer that delivers on ENVE’s Real-World Fast™ design philosophy. Built for agility and response, with 35 mm of tire clearance, the Melee is ready for criteriums and classics alike. ? Real-World Fast™ aero optimization ? Tube shapes complement SES rim shapes ? Max Tire Clearance: 35 mm ? Frame Weight: 850 grams (56cm, Painted, No Hardware)
$13,199.00 - $16,199.00
The Z-Zero Disc features custom geometry, custom tube lay-up schedules, tubing made by Parlee north of Boston in Beverly, Massachusetts and the most advanced braking technology available. The Z-Zero Disc is a technical tour de force, a sheer joy to ride and still not legal for use in the Tour de France. Their loss is the Parlee riders gain. The Z-Zero Disc is 100% made to order, with the optimum performance characteristics and technical requirements perfectly met for each individual rider. From gravel epics to gran fondos, no road bike can match the versatility of the Z-Zero Disc. Contact us to create your perfect bike.
$13,299.00 - $15,199.00
CUSTOM BUILT FOR ADVENTURE Picture your perfect all-season gravel/cross/adventure bike. What comes to mind? Ask ten riders to describe their dream machine, and you’ll get ten different answers. That’s because there are so many variables at play: riding style, terrain, seasonal conditions, your personal calender of events and goals. Bikes in this emerging category are put to so many different uses—from hardcore ’cross racing to gravel grinding to adventurous road riding—but the truth is most production gravel bikes are all quite similar. Higher bottom brackets, traditional geometry, overbuilt frame tubing—features born from the very specific demands of cyclocross. That’s why Parlee created the all-new Z-Zero XD. Rather than follow the typical blueprint for a cyclocross bike, we set out to create a premium ride experience with nearly unlimited versatility. The name speaks to the custom DNA of this bike and to its expanded capabilities. Its siblings, the Z-Zero and Z-Zero Disc, are custom carbon-fiber road bikes that blend lightweight performance with made-to-order comfort and ride tuning. Parlee started with that same precision engineering as the Z-Zero, then tweaked the geometry and added some features including disc brakes and extra clearance for tires up to 40mm wide. Everything from the layup schedule of the carbon fiber to the tubing sizes and geometries are customizable for comfort and performance. When you factor in all the different tubing choices, there are essentially 16 effective sizes to give you the perfect fit. There’s no other carbon fiber frame in this category that can offer that level of comfort and performance. Contact us to create your perfect bike.
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