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Bike Fitting

Fit First

Bike Fitting - Moment lives by “Fit First” [Fit the person, then find the bike that matches the person BEST]. A new technology called the “dynamic fit bike” made this possible. In 2007 Moment improved the process creating a proprietary method to compare rider positions to all bikes using computer technology. Moment “virtually” matches bikes to the rider’s best position. Moment shows a rider before they buy what configuration of bars, stem, saddle etc. for a particular bike model. The rider has complete information before making the purchase. Hence, the name of the process, FIT FIRST. Moment Bicycles is San Diego’s only Fit First retailer. Moment Bicycles is built around the philosophy of the best product and service for YOU. Our process takes a little longer but will make you (a lot) faster/comfortable/powerful. Schedule an appointment. Be more comfortable, powerful, efficient and faster than ever.

It’s not about the bike, it’s about the moments you spend riding it.